Note: All orders will begin after payment is confirmed on Pay Pal. ~Thank You

Q: Do you offer delivery or shipping, if so where?

A: Cara Bella Creations offers deliver for local orders only(NASHVILLE, TN/SURROUNDING CITIES)on request and an additional fee.

*For Cookies orders outside of the Nashville area, there is a starting flat rate shipment fee of $20.00 for the cookies. There will be an increase in the shipment cost, pending the size of the order.

Q: How quickly do I need to submit a request for an order?

A: If the order is local (Nashville, TN and surrounding cities) at least 1-2 weeks notice from the date of the event. I would need at least two- three weeks notice, to ensure freshness and prompt delivery of product. Exceptions can be made depending on on the type of order.

Q: How do you make a purchase?

A: Send a formal request to cara_bella_creations@yahoo.com.  Once a request has been made, the customer will receive and invoice and information on how to make payment.

Q: How do write on the cookies? Do you use a Sharpie Pen?

A: I use Ameri Color Gourmet Writer Pen(food decorating pens).

Q: When did you start baking and event planning ?

A: I got the baking bug from my late grandmother, Mrs. Amanda Pines from Houston, TX. She was a wonderful woman, wife, mother and grandmother with, "magic hands".  or at least that is what I like to think. I remember when I was younger, every one always wanted one of Mrs. Pines cakes, pies and other tasting treats she offered. This woman never skipped a step and always made EVERYTHING from scratch. Every time I step in the kitchen to bake, I feel like she is right there with me....

As far as the event planning.. I would have to say this goes all the back to my college days. Being in a sorority(THE BEST.. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY, INC.), I had many opportunities to plan and organize various events....  A few years ago, I had the opportunity to plan, organize and execute one of my sorority sister's wedding here in Arrington, TN(I talked about this experience in one of my earlier blogs).

Please send another questions to cara_bella_creations@yahoo.com and I will post them here for everyone to see.


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