Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cookie Monster....

These are the most recent pops for the week...Last night I was up until 2 am in the morning working on the cake pops below... I have no idea what I was thinking waiting until the wee hours to complete this project. I should have remembered that I was going to be in for the long haul after making those Elmo Pops a few months back... Either way I guess this was a eye-opening experience. I'll be working on 45 cake pops and and 20 gingerbread cookies this weekend... You should already know that I will be breaking those up, I refuse to stay up another night. Especially, a night when I have to wake back up in four hours to answer the phone all day..


Monday, November 28, 2011

Take A Button...

I had to do this quick post today, while I still remembered(nothing like short-term memory). I don't mind attending classes to learn new things especially if its going to benefit my business.  I've been surfing around to ALOT of different sites to say the least, looking at all of the cute "Buttons" people have on their pages. If your not familiar "buttons"  they are quick logo images you can grab and add to your current site. For the individual with a button it is a way for you to drive more traffic to your site, with the overall goal to INCREASE your business. So with that being said, I decided to give it a try and create my very own "button". After a random search I ran across this site on (check out the link below), that provided step by step instructions. This is only my first badge for now and I plan on doing a make-over on this page mid 2012, which will obviously include a new button ... So if you don't mind take a button and post to your page..

Thanks for your support,



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cake Pop #1 Follow-Up

Below are the complete cake pops that I finished last night. If you have been following the blog you would know that I gave a preview these earlier in the week. I'm very happy how these came out. Although there are not "spiked" like the pumpkin pops they are still delicious. Be sure to come back for Cake Pop #2 Follow-Up....

Monday, November 21, 2011

Belated Anniversary

I was going through my blog this morning cleaning it up and making it a little more presentable. As I was scrolling through I realized that I had missed my 2 year Anniversary of Cara Bella Creations Blog.... So HAPPY 2nd Year Anniversary to my blog, look forward to more followers and more comments as well.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cake Pops...

This week I have an order of wedding reception cake pops in fall colors(orange, forest green, burgundy, gold and brown. So excited to see how these turn out. I have a few more orders coming up this week and leading into the following. In addition to cooking for Thanksgiving and being on-call, I'm not quite sure where I will get to fit some sleep in... I thought I would do this quick post before heading to bed...

~ Shauna
Rice Wedding Reception(just a preview)

Lailah 2nd Birthday(just a preview)

Pumpkin Pops: Yellow Cake infused with Puerto Rican Rum and Peach Schnapps Liqueur..

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Texas Graduate

The last few few weeks have been very busy for me(good thing). The lil diva and I along with my lil for who flew down from Seattle, WA drive to Texas(Houston) last week. We headed down to Houston, TX to see my mother graduate with her Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice from Remington College. Can I say how proud I am of her that she completed her program and will be starting her BA degree in January. She is a true example that no matter what happens in life, it's never TOO late to continue with your education. At her request I made a few cookies continues to celebrate her accomplishment!!!

Bowling Time...

It's that time of year again, the lil diva turned nine years old this past thursday. She decided she wanted a Barbie Cake with a bowling theme. At first I was like, REALLY(confused face)! I was thinking to myself how am I going to pull this off. I really didn't have a plan as to how I was going to decorate the cake. This was the first time I had ever made a doll cake. I went and purchased a doll pan kit (Wilton) from my local Michael's(one of my favorite places). As for the covering of the cake, my first thought was I was going to get the cake smooth enough with icing. I decided at the last minute to cover the cake with fondant(the best ideas always come at the last minute). It was at this time I tried my hand at making homemade marshmallow fondant(MY FURST TIME). I must say it wasn't as hard as I thought it was. It only took me about 20 minutes to make, knead and color(didn't taste to bad either). In addition to the doll cake, I made some bowling ball/pin cake pops (chocolate/strawberry) and matching cookies. Did I mention that Red Velvet was the birthday girl's choice of flavor with of course cream cheese icing. We traveled with all of goodies to Smyrna Bowling Center to  meet a few of her friends and had a great time.....


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