Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sweet Creations.....

 Mango Cupcakes

Cookies in Creme

My cute lil cupcakes cups.
I recently have developed this craving for Mangos and wondered what it would taste like if they were mixed in cupcakes. So I decided to try my hand at Mango Cupcakes with Mango Flavored Buttecreme. I was definitly impressed with the consistency of teh butter creme this time, it was just right not too thin. My daughter was asking for cupcakes so in the same day I dediced to make some Cookies in Creme Cupcakes. The cupcakes where a big hit at the office the next day, I have turned into the Monday Cupcake Lady. I think I'm going ot chill with the baking at least for a minute until I complete the fisrt course of the Wilton Decorating Course. I havew attended to classes since the last post, I'm ready to take the next course II.

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  1. love them both! Thank you coming by my humble little blog. I actually use a Sony Cybershot - it's a point and shoot. My parent bought it for me last year because my camera broke. At times, when it says so, my friend Dmitriy takes them and edits them a little bit, and he uses a SLR.


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