Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh My !!!

So I just realized that I have been SUPER BUSY!!!(which is good thing), but now I have multiple postings to add from the last few weeks. I'm telling you this journey is something else, balancing my full-time job, with mommy duty and this growing business has been somewhat overwhelming. I continue to work on my organization and time management, so that I can increase the amount of sleep I've been missing out on. With that being said, let me share with you my "CREATIONS"  from the last several weeks.

Burch Elementary School (Tyrone, GA)

For Mrs. Iuyana's 30th Birthday

Key lime Cupcakes---- My All-Time Favorite
These were made for a co-workers husbands 30th birthday !!!
(Nashville, TN)

"The Sophisticated Graduate Collection"

These were made for a one of my sorority sister's nieces Pre-K graduation
(Tamarak, FL)

These were made for my line sister's son's end of the year celebration.
All the little pencil will be making their mark(LOL) in second grade next fall.


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