Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Red Nose Reindeer Pops--Holiday Project #2

I bought this book a few weeks back at www.target.com they have a lot of fun activities inside. This is the first project that we selected out of the book. Me and the lil diva had a lot of fun completing this project. Actually she left me to do all of the work, stating that I was doing a much better job and she was sleepy. 

Red Nose Reindeer Pops
Red pom-pom
Self-Adhesive Goggly Eyes
Brown Pipe Cleaners
10-inch Ribbon
Cling Wrap 
Lollipops and Sticks
Clear and Double Stick Tape
1. Unwrap the lollipops(we actually used chocolate cake pops. Wrap them with cling wrap and secure the neck with clear tape
2.Tape the pipe cleaner and bend it around the neck to form the antlers. Place on the goggly eyes and apply double tape to secure the nose(pom-pom)
3. Wrap the bell around the neck

Presto Your Done!


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