Sunday, December 19, 2010

Almost the End II.........

Just had to "sample" a lil bit.
Cute Lil Pumpkins Cakes(kept it basic for my daughter's 2nd grade class). Vanilla Cupcake/Vanilla Buttercreme
**Halloween Treats

This is the last bit of yummy random treats.... So Banana is my favoirte flavor and food. I made Bananalicious Cupcakes (Banana Cupcake/Vanilla-Banana Butter Creme and Chocolate Drizzle). So yummmmmmmmmy !!

Hollywood Style- each side represented the personality of the "DIva 4 year Old". Action, Drama, Comedy and Rated G......
*Vanilla Cake/Vanilla Buttercreme

Miss Raven Turned 1 years old this month(October 2010)......
*Sugar Cooke Adapted from Fancy Flours-No Fail Cookie Reciepe

November 2010


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