Monday, March 28, 2011

The long road home..............

Oh My! this was indeed a loooooooooooog yet eventful weekend. Rihyana(lil diva) took a much needed break and headed down to Atlanta for the weekend. While we were down there, we had the chance to catch up with friends(good time). We made it down there late Friday evening and dropped of the "Princess Ashtyn" diaper cake that I made earlier in the week. On Saturday afternoon, I dropped rihyana off with one of my soror's for her daughter 8th birthday. So while she was at one party, I was at another celebration for one my college friend's daughter 1st birthday... I haven't spent that much time on the road since, I was in the field working. Can you say TIRED!!!! Below are the cookies I made for the both birthday events, diaper cake and a few photos....

Enjoy ~ Shauna

This is the diaper cake I mentioned in a previous post. This was completed several weeks ago for a baby shower the past weekend in Augusta, GA
"Baby Cayden"

These "Beach Themed" cookies were for my soror's daughter 8th birthday.
Happy Birthday Evoni(today is her actual birthday)...

Happy 1st Birthday !

 This is my 8 year old Diva Rihyana

First time completing a Hello Kitty Cake

 Last, but not least the diaper cake for a friend's co-worker in Atlanta, GA.

Have a great week!!

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